Christien New

Christien New

Chrisitien New is a visionary entrepreneur who has made a significant impact in the energy industry. Born to an Indonesian father and a Hong Kong-Japanese mother, Christien’s upbringing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, was modest. However, his innate business acumen and drive propelled him from humble beginnings to remarkable success.

Early Career and Rise to Prominence: Christien’s journey to success began with his entry into the energy sector. He founded Bintan Power Plant Group (PTBPP) in 2002. This company has since become a leading energy provider, generating electricity to power some 120 million people across Southeast Asia. In less than a decade, Christien transformed PTBPP into a major player in the energy industry.

The article positions Christien New as a real-life ”Crazy Rich Asian” due to his extraordinary achievements in the energy sector, his multicultural background, and his dedication to driving positive change in the industry through innovation and regulatory compliance.

The Vision for NewXchange: One of Christien New’s most audacious endeavours is the establishment of NewXchange, a regulated Digital Energy Exchange. This pioneering platform is designed to facilitate the participation of energy companies from all corners of the globe in energy trading. Its central objective is to create a marketplace for energy exchange, ultimately with the aim of reducing energy costs. NewXchange intends to bring about transformative change in the energy sector by introducing innovation and efficiency through digitalization.

The World’s First Digital Energy Exchange: NewXchange is poised to be the world’s first licensed and regulated Digital Energy Exchange. What truly sets Christien apart is his commitment to innovation and regulatory compliance. His audacious endeavour, the creation of NewXchange, a regulated Digital Energy Exchange, is nothing short of ground-breaking. This visionary platform aims to revolutionize energy trading on a global scale, with a primary focus on driving down energy costs through cutting-edge efficiency.