Yahoo Finance – NewX Energy Unveils Plans for Southeast Asia’s First Mega Offshore Floating Wind Farm

Yahoo Finance – NewX Energy Unveils Plans for Southeast Asia’s First Mega Offshore Floating Wind Farm

NewX Energy to Introduce New Technology, including Wind Energy, to Reduce Waste and Energy Costs to Millions of Consumers

JAKARTA, Indonesia, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Taking giant steps toward preserving sustainable energy, NewX Pty. Ltd. (NewX Energy) unveiled plans to launch Southeast Asia’s first IoT backed Mega offshore floating wind turbine, expected to generate 500 megawatts of power.

NewX Energy Unveils Plans for Southeast Asia's First Floating Wind Farm

NewX Energy Unveils Plans for Southeast Asia’s First Floating Wind Farm

Under the joint venture agreement with PT Bintan Power Plant Group (PTBPP), NewX Energy is to deploy Internet-of-Things (IoT) systems embedding smart software and sensors across PTBPP’s grid and power assets, assess and analyze energy production, distribute data and utilize Big Data Analysis to upgrade them to Smart Grids to drive significant savings for consumers. The breakthrough technologies are deployed to the benefit of the entire energy ecosystem and are expected to reduce the costs of energy consumption for consumers across Southeast Asia by up to 40%.

“The time has come where the implementation of technology in the energy sector has become necessary. Solutions that promote better energy management and smarter consumption must be prioritized and the system upgraded. At present, over 50% of energy generated is wasted due to inefficiency and aging equipment. Like other sectors that have succeeded in making the step digitally, the world is also expecting a revolutionary step in the energy sector to rectify these issues. With a focus on advanced technology, sustainability and innovation, our solution will be the game changer in energy management space for consumers, businesses and communities.” said Christien New, Founder of NewX Energy.

NewX Energy puts customers and the environment first

The energy market in Southeast Asia is growing rapidly. With millions of new customers gaining access to electricity, the overall demand has increased by 80% since 2000. As positive as it may be, this growing demand creates increasing pressure on the energy industry to create more competitive offerings and easy accessibility to energy. Currently, much of the demand is met by a doubling of fossil fuel use, which inevitably leads to an increased CO2. This trend is not sustainable; therefore, has expedited the need for both industry and society to opt for more sustainable energy solutions.

Using advanced technology and data analytics, NewX Energy aims to transform energy infrastructure into new, valuable opportunities for direct consumers and business. By eliminating the middleman and increasing energy efficiency through data-driven solutions, NewX Energy transforms energy supply into a wide range of technology-driven services such as smart homes, smart metering and smart finance. These offerings empower the growing energy consumers with real value.

With more efficiently absorbed energy and smarter ecosystem, NewX Energy hopes to make positive contributions to counteract global warming as well as become the future energy provider for South-East Asia. This commitment to sustainability is also one of NewX Energy’s main reasons to build the first mega offshore floating mega wind turbine in Southeast Asia with PTBPP.

About NewX Energy

Founded in 2018 by Christien New, NewX Energy introduces radical improvements to the way power is sold and transacted – transforming energy supply into a wide range of Internet services such as smart homes, smart metering, and smart finance. Leveraging on deep technology expertise, NewX Energy uses IoT and Big Data analytics to link energy consumption and production data to address wastage and raise efficiency, substantially lowering costs for consumers. NewX is managed by a group of industry leaders including Martin Soebijantoro, among Indonesia’s few nuclear power engineering experts.


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